Let's learn some French!

Friday, March 8, 2019

March break is here!!

Hello everyone!

Here comes the most anticipated day of term 2! We have completed a lot of work during this term and everyone is definitely looking forward to the break. This week was so much fun with all the spirit days and house games and pancake contest! But we sure did squeeze in all the work we needed to do!

In grade 1:
-We continued to work on the inventions, more vocabulary, more sentences, and worksheets.
-We distinguished the action word "inventer" and the noun "une invention".
-We reinforced the use of definite and indefinite articles.

In grade 2:
-We continued to work on the simple machines and learned about le plan incliné and la roue.
-We made sentences using the new vocabulary and "j'ai besoin de".
-We answered questions with full sentences about our favorite simple machine, why, and made a paragraph with our answers.

In grade 5:
-We worked on our arguments for the debates that we will be having the first week back from the break.
-Students typed up their arguments neatly and sent them to me, I will check and print them during the break and give them back on the first day back.
-I have assigned some homework for my grade 5s: The worksheet that I gave out has all the instructions. You will have to go on the following website to complete the work:

Have a wonderful and relaxing break, see you all on the 25th!


Friday, February 22, 2019

Happy Friday!

Hello everyone!

Here we are at the end of a shorter week. The grade 5s were away on a ski trip all day on Wednesday, and grade 1s  and 2s were away on trips on Thursday, so it was an even shorter week for all of my grades! We were however still able to squeeze in a lot of work.

In grade1:
-We introduced inventions in French and mentioned the most well-known ones.
-We learned why and how inventions are important and how they make our lives easier.
-We looked for some inventions in French in a word search and learned to associate the vocabulary words with their correct definitions.

In grade2:
-We learned to identify and name various examples of leviers (le levier): la pince, le marteau, les ciseaux.
-We made our own complete sentences using "j'ai besoin de", different leviers, actions words, complements...
-We learned about the pulley in French "la poulie", explained how it works using a drawing and wrote about its function in French.

In grade5:
-We reviewed the past tense "le passé composé".
-We inquired further about the government in French: what we know, what we want to learn as well as the responsibilities of each government.
Grade 5 students have to complete the government responsibilities worksheet for homework for Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Long weekend ahead!

Hello everyone!

I am sure everyone's just as excited as I am with the long weekend finally here!
This week has been super busy especially with all the events that took place (jump rope for heart, 100th day of school and the snow day!), but we sure did have some fun and get some work done!

In grade 1:
-We learned some vocabulary related to Valentine's day.
-We learned to use "J'aime" to express our feelings.

In Grade 2:
-We learned vocabulary related to valentine's day.
-We learned to express our feelings towards our family members and use different verbs to describe activities that we do with them.
-We enjoyed making crowns to celebrate the 100th day of school.

In grade 5:
-We learned some new vocabulary words related to the government including proper spelling.
-We reviewed valentine's day vocabulary and verbs and used them to write sentences describing why we love the different members of our families using the word "parceque" (because).
-We even played some games to review words and actions related to valentine's day in French.

Happy valentine's day to all, I hope you enjoy your long weekend with your families and loved ones!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Another Friday!

Hello everyone!

This week was somewhat shorter for our French classes, we missed some classes because of an "ice day" and a couple classes here and there because of speeches, which were all amazing!

We did however get some work done, as usual!

In Grade 1:
-We wrote about what we like to do in winter, using action words and nouns.
-We defined some new vocabulary related to Valentine's day.

In Grade 2:
-We reviewed making sentences using the verbs we learned in the previous weeks.
-We started talking and defining some simple machines in French.
-We used new verbs to talk about the machines "aider" and "soulever", conjugated them and learned their meaning and use while using them in meaningful sentences.

In Grade 5:
-We started talking about the government in french.
-We defined the basic structure of the government in french and what it provides for the citizens and residents every day.

Happy Friday, enjoy your "icy" weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy Friyay!

Good afternoon everyone!

Here we are at the end of another week, end of January and I wish I could say end of winter too!
This week we wrapped up our previous units and drilled and reviewed most of the concepts we learned.
Next week we'll be starting on new units in each grade which will as usual be related to their UOI but less detailed.

In Grade1:
-We worked on making complete sentences using some winter vocabulary and activities.
-We drilled the winter activities.
-We reviewed how to use un/une/des and used them in full sentences as well.

In Grade2:
-We learned to use more verbs "marcher, patiner, glisser" at the present tense.
-We used these new verbs in full sentences following the proper sentence structure : Sujet+verbe+complément.
-We reviewed winter related vocabulary and actions.

In Grade5:
-We worked on our digestive system posters.
-We reviewed everything we learned (vocabulary, concepts, grammar) while having fun on Kahoot!

Enjoy this "warm" weekend!